digestion meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
digestion meaning in tamil is சமிபாடு

digestion meaning in tamil with example

digestion tamil meaning and more example for digestion will be given in tamil.
Pancreatitis is caused by dysfunction of pancreas that synthesises enzymes to help digestion of food and also secretes insulin that metabolises sugar. Your appetite and digestion will be better and chances are like in many big companies today you have a gym on the premises. Continuous exposure to noise above 85 decibels can be harmful to hearing and documented research has found that even lesser may induce physiological changes in blood pressure digestion and sleep patterns and stressrelated disorders. Its healthy Many members of the group who were once suffering from high blood pressure depression and nervous breakdown digestion problems and other stress related diseases seem to have benefited from the therapy. Ever since I started practising laughter therapy my BP remains normal and digestion capacity has improved. CDM potential is found in a wide range of sectors such as renewable energy biodiesel cement biomass methane capturing landfills metals sugar paper and pulp chemicals fertilizers and anaerobic digestion projects. Mats wall hangings bed spreads pillows cushion covers bags jute products leather articles are among the other items available.Over forty varieties of mouth fresheners and powders for good digestion are also on sale. Chewing most foods typically only burns about five calories an hour but digestion may require slightly more.