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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reproduce meaning in tamil is மீண்டும் உற்பத்தி செய், பிரதி செய்

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Watch it to see that without being able to reproduce the magic of Sarfarosh Matthan can still put together an engaging film. Farmers see the proposed enactment which envisages a regulatory mechanism for the quality of seeds supplied to farmers as an infringement on their traditional right to reproduce seeds. The new law which has been drafted at the behest of World Trade Organisation will rob farmers of their freedom to reproduce seeds Mr. 13 Ginepri failed to reproduce his successful marathon efforts of the U.S. Open where he played a record four fiveset matches. With a fortunate Laxmi Ratan Shukla still around on 50 and Ranadeb Bose on three Bengal expects the duo to reproduce the kind of ninthwicket partnership that saved the side from relegation in the last seasons final Elite Group match against Madhya Pradesh at Siliguri. Commendably British newspapers displayed a rare unanimity in deciding not to reproduce the cartoons. Sudhakar Reddy this art uses various techniques like lithography etching wood cut litho cut and serigraphic to reproduce the art. Local favourite Mardan Mamat could not reproduce his opening round show but Fridays twounder 70 was enough to secure the sole lead one stroke ahead of Marcus Both 68 68 and Prayad Marksaeng 67 69 at the par72 Laguna National Golf and Country Club. Blaming the current educational system he said it only taught us to memorise something and reproduce the same in the examination without understanding the fundamentals. Hence it is easy to reproduce it into either the digital or negative format required for exhibiting in different theatres.