reprieve meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
reprieve meaning in tamil is தண்டனையை நிறுத்தி வை

reprieve meaning in tamil with example

reprieve tamil meaning and more example for reprieve will be given in tamil.
Justin Langer who had a reprieve on 12 when his slashing edge off Pollock was put down by Kallis at second slip scored 25 from 20 balls before he was bowled by Langeveldt making the total 35 for two. He was given death sentence with a twoyear reprieve in January 1981 and his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with political rights deprived for life in January 1983. Oh yes the citizens had a brief reprieve from the wanton driving on the roads with everyone sticking to traffic rules what with the cops keeping an eagle eye on the violators. Though the Government gave an indication for the closure of the press four years ago the workers received a reprieve when the decision was put on the hold. On the other hand the criminals get emboldened because they nurse a feeling that they would get reprieve from the court even if they get arrested. On the BSP breakaway group failing to get a reprieve from the Supreme Court in connection with the Allahabad High Court decision on their action Mr.Khursheed said the apex court might not have found any flaw in the high court judgement. Other prominent politicians who would also get reprieve from the bill include Amar Singh chairman UP Development Council Shivpal Singh Yadav chairman Mandi Parishad Anuradha Choudhury chairperson UP irrigation and Flood Control Commission and Azam Khan chairman UP Jal Nigam. Other prominent politicians who are likely to get reprieve from disqualification after the Amendment in the Act include Amar Singh and Shivpal Singh Yadav.