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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
repair meaning in tamil is கோளாறு

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The repair works planned include removing the debris of the collapsed retaining wall and the parapet adjacent to the twowheeler pathway on the Thirumanilayur side and sand filling of the basement of the approach road that was washed away in the current of the floods to prevent any further erosion. Official sources indicated that repair work was under way in 7.5 metres of the total 13.5 metres width of the bridge on the Thirumanilayur side. The Centres officials were at the bridge recently and expected to be back once the Highways officials intimated completion of the repair work to them later this week. The bridge was entrusted with the Highways Department following a Government Order on December 19 last and repair works commenced on December 24. However the public expect the local authorities to impress upon the State Government the need to complete all the repair works expeditiously and allow twoway regular traffic on the bridge as soon as possible. The district administration had sent detailed proposals to the State Government to carry out repair works he said adding these would be done in a phased manner. Proposal The proposal included taking up drainage works at cost of Rs. 8.30 lakhs erecting chainlink fencing at a cost of Rs. 6.45 lakhs and repair of the badminton hall at a cost of Rs. Hence I request you to take up the repair and maintenance of the approach road from national highway 48 up to Kukke by widening and making it fourway from the National Highway Authority it said.