regression meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
regression meaning in tamil is பின்னோக்கிச் செல்தல்

regression meaning in tamil with example

regression tamil meaning and more example for regression will be given in tamil.
Data flows in from all over the world in real time thanks to Internet and VSat. The old regression models have been improved upon and new dynamic models are ready for trials. But frequent regression to compensate for lack of concentration is certainly an enemy of efficient reading. In the department of Statistics the college would introduce subjects such as actuarial statistics clinical trials regression and modelling and development of data analytical skills through statistical package for social sciences. The conspiracy charge against many accused in the serial blasts case was a method resorted to by the State to employ regression for a temporary respite in respect of law and order defence counsel K.G. Kannabiran told the Special Court on Tuesday. The agriculture sector was in regression owing to the impact of globalisation and the contribution of agriculture to the gross domestic product had gone down sharply she said in a talk on Question of Food Security and Poverty organised by the Indian School of Social Sciences here. For it not only means regression in the form of dilution of syllabus for the matriculation pattern but also will reflect in the enhancement of the existing standard under the State Board pattern.