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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
registration meaning in tamil is தபால்) பதிவு செய்தல்

registration meaning in tamil with example

registration tamil meaning and more example for registration will be given in tamil.
The achievements of Kozhikode Corporation during the year included the renovation of Tagore Centenary theatre opening of the Corporation Stadium after seven years declaring the city litterfree and launching of kiosks at hospitals for registration of births and deaths. The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital began on Sunday computerised registration of inpatients and outpatients in five of its wings. The Indian Medical Association should cancel the registration of the doctors who are caught by the Income Tax Department. Lee directed the Registration Officer to revise the registers of electors and complete the process on or before February 28. The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday quashed the ban by the State Government on the registration of certain category of property and set aside the notifications of April 23 and August 23 2005 prohibiting registration of revenue sites and nonconverted agricultural lands for nonagricultural purposes. Pavanesh an advocate who has challenged the validity of the ban on registration of property under the provisions of the Indian Registration Act 1908 and the Transfer of Property Act 1882. The petitioner said the Government had prohibited as opposed to public policy registration of documents of four categories of lands. The two notifications were issued under Section 22 A of the Registration Act of 1908 later amended in 1976 by the Revenue Department and the petitioner said they were done without the authority of the law. It was to prevent such misuse and to protect the interests of the public that the State evolved a public policy banning registration of certain category of lands.