refuse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
refuse meaning in tamil is மறுத்தல், குப்பை, மறுப்பு தெரிவி

refuse meaning in tamil with example

refuse tamil meaning and more example for refuse will be given in tamil.
I refuse to believe that the Pakistan Army personnel along the Line of Control do not have knowledge when the terrorists sneak in. The civic body is ready with a plan wherein it will first publicly display names of major defaulters and then auction their properties if they refuse to fall in line. The Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited MESCOM authorities should refuse power connection to such buildings. He said the IAF had powers to refuse the release of trained pilots and it would be exercising these when necessary. However the Congress leaders refuse to believe this and have already sounded the party leadership on the issue. Over and above their mild scratching and soft fondling we have to swallow their abuses in filthy language if we refuse to pay them alms. When the Government can give rights to the tribal people living in the forests why should it refuse rights to the Jamma Malai holders he asked. The U.K. Defence Secretary explains that a new missile system is necessary because some countries have not been complying with their obligations under the nonproliferation treaty. In response therefore the U.K. will refuse to comply with its obligations under the Nonproliferation Treaty. The Bench noted that no power had been vested with the Governor to refuse formation of a government and override the majority claim because of his subjective assessment that the majority was cobbled by illegal and unethical means. They usually first refuse to first believe it and then begin a journey to rectify the disability.