refuge meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
refuge meaning in tamil is அடைக்கலம்

refuge meaning in tamil with example

refuge tamil meaning and more example for refuge will be given in tamil.
The insecurity and oppression of the years of Idi Amin had rendered remote Namasagali a place of refuge and safety. To protect His kinsmen Krishna lifted the mountain effortlessly with the little finger of His left hand and the entire community took refuge under it till Indra spent all his fury. The plot It stars Don Cheadle as Paul Rusesabagina the understated elegant manager of Milles Des Collines a posh Belgianowned hotel that becomes a refuge for over 1000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates. A shelter for women to stay in case of emergency started by Aswas near the KSRTC bus stand in a GCDA building has quite a few women taking refuge here at times. That is why he vows to release Jivatmas from the sins and effects of Karma if only they choose to take refuge in Him. Quake victims from neighbouring hamlets have taken refuge in the city where major relief efforts by international agencies are being carried out. While Draupadi and Gajendra were devotees who sought refuge in the Lord with faith and the knowledge that He would save them in the case of Ajamila it was proved that the Divine name is capable of saving a person from damnation even if he unintentionally utters it. He who is the sole refuge of all had served the revered guests in all humility indicating to mankind the importance of upholding this gracious and customary tradition of honouring guests. Victims bitten by the love bug can find refuge in at least two places in the city to celebrate the day St. The Divine name Achyuta etymologically gives this meaning151 one who will not forsake those who take refuge in Him.