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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
referee meaning in tamil is நடுவர்

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The ICC has appointed Ranjan Madugalle as the match referee for the threeTest series between India and England beginning in March. Mayes whose independence is guaranteed by the owner of The Guardian the Scott Trust and the terms of reference published on the newspapers website compared his role to that of a referee in a football game one that can get rough at times. Substitute Atishs attempt was blocked by BEL goalkeeper Suresh and even as Raju went for the rebound he was brought down inside the box by Ranjith Lopez and referee Suresh Kumar pointed to the spot. South did have a chance to score a consolation goal when referee Vincent Paul awarded a spot kick when one of its defenders was tripped inside the penalty area. The ideal of a twoparty or even multiparty system is nurtured to structure and limit political choices in a bourgeois system transforming the electorate from a referee in the match to a football. And all this after match referee Ranjan Madugalle had told the two captains after summoning them to cool things down in the middle. Adam immediately pleaded guilty to the charge understanding the need to end this sort of action on the field during play match referee Jeff Crowe was quoted as saying in a Cricket Australia release here. As Pereira was about to enter the penalty box Madhusudhan Majumdar brought him down from behind and Tamil Nadu referee P. The umpires and the match referee are in control. It was here that Sachin Tendulkar began his Test journey as a 16yearold.