recycle meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
recycle meaning in tamil is மறு பயன்பாடு, மீள்சுழற்சி

recycle meaning in tamil with example

recycle tamil meaning and more example for recycle will be given in tamil.
The BJP recognises that it can no longer recycle the magic of Hindutva as it was able to do in the 1980s and the 1990s. Emphasising the need to recycle the precious resource he said while board supplied 200 million gallons per day from the existing resources including Manjira and Krishna Drinking Water Supply project the demand was expected to be 350 mgd by 2015. In many developing countries large industrial operations with thousands of animals have displaced production on small farms which raise both animals and crops and recycle nutrients as fodder and fertilizer. But among the poorer sections truck tyres are stacked neatly along the wall for being taken away by lorry owners to the recycle factory. Both primary and secondary segregation are done in order to recover the recycle and reusable stuff while the kitchen waste is taken to the composting pits. Chances are that it might have found its way to a recycle vendor in North Chennai and despite his efforts to extract copper from it using crude methods most components would end up in the dumping grounds causing pollution. Today every government school has an ecoclub they recycle paper and no child touches a plastic bag the Chief Minister said. The team visited Sriram Energy Plant Excel Power Plant and BioMethanisation Plant as part of its mission to understand the efforts being made in the city to recycle solid waste as per Solid Waste Management Handling Rules 2000 notified by the Centre. With this new addition BHEL will hereafter be able to recycle 1550 KL of wastewater daily for irrigation and other purposes.