recognise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
recognise meaning in tamil is அங்கீகரி, அடையாளம் கண்டுகொள்

recognise meaning in tamil with example

recognise tamil meaning and more example for recognise will be given in tamil.
The trademark ICICI and our logo is a wellknown trademark and consumers recognise the trademark ICICI as a source identifier for the services offered by us. Movement to imbibe values It is to create a movement to imbibe values and recognise the public and policemen for their contribution to society. Knowing their contribution is essential yet todays athletes cant even recognise champions from the past. There will be no need to use the keys as the automobile will be able to recognise the owner with the biometrics. Neither of them appears to recognise that the 25 per cent freeships are necessary because the DoE has failed to do its duty. Dr.Viswanathan told parents that he was pained to see during his morning walk in the university campus hostel students glued to their cell phones chatting since 6 a.m. and they dont even recognise that the ViceChancellor is watching them. Jeevan Job Thomas Vengola Kerala It is imperative to recognise the rights of Muslims and for upper class Muslims to empower the less privileged among them. Birudhu Madhurakala Mani has been instituted for the first time this year to recognise a musician who has served the cause of music in Madurai for a considerable length of time. ONE OF the most enduring myths of the book world now stands exposed the belief that great publishers and literary agents instinctively recognise a good work when they see one. Let alone discovering new talent they were not able to recognise even some of the existing classics such as the Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipauls In a Free State when these were submitted to them disguised as new works by aspiring writers.