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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
recipe meaning in tamil is உணவு செய்முறை, சமையல் குறிப்பு

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The new work in effect removes remaining animal products such as bovine serum and replaces them with products of human origin in a recipe that is completely defined. The recent insistence on collective leadership is a sure recipe for further anarchy and a war of all against all. It tried various combinations including a shortlived electoral arrangement but has not yet found a recipe to revive its political and electoral fortunes in Uttar Pradesh. The limited range of the talks does not provide much scope for optimism that a success at Geneva will translate into a readymade recipe for peace. There will be a mushroom recipe competition and a drawing competition and a special training programme for the development of mushroom products as part of the fair. The BJP which will take its recipe for good governance to a meeting with the Janata Dal S to draft the common agenda expects to give the final shape to its own agenda on Thursday when the partys top leadership will review the draft drawn up by the core committee sources said. As recipe books are not available for making such a food fare the students visited some of the villages in the State and heard them out. Much of cricket revolves around outthinking the opposition and being predictable is a clear recipe for disaster. This mutual understanding and admiration for one another in a game situation is any teams recipe to become a cohesive unit. Touted to be the miracle cure for all those ageannouncing wrinkles and the perfect recipe for a youthful supple look Botox treatment that took the world by storm is slowly wooing Hyderabadis too.