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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Panneerselvam said the Government had taken suitable measures to realise a whopping Rs.16000 crore as sales tax. Unless we realise the importance of the media and persuade it to partner with civil society in checking the spread of HIVAIDS we cannot succeed in creating a mass movement against the disease Dr. Somewhere along the way he had the sense to realise that ambition without application is a doormat without a door. Sripathi observed that Buchibabu had never tried to impose the values he believed in on his readers but tried to make his readers realise the importance of values and ethics. Gangaram and Konda Surekha hoped that the New Year would give wisdom to the Opposition leader to realise that the Congress Government was committed in protecting the interests of the people. Only when he is unable to execute what he wishes would a person realise that a greater power is guiding him from within. I was thinking 50 years of Karnataka is awesome but you have made me realise that there is more he said and declared an open house for such initiatives that bring out Karnatakas great past. When people realise that cloning is just forgoing a genetically mixed child for a twin of one parent and is not the resurrection of the soul or a source of replacement organs no one will want to do it. But the Government must realise that it was not possible without depriving the tribal of their land and water. He said that while all political parties had freedom to air their views the enforcement of the delimitation they should however realise that it was only for the EC or the President to take a final decision.