extreme meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
extreme meaning in tamil is தீவிர, விதிவிலக்கான, வழமைக்கு மாறான

extreme meaning in tamil with example

extreme tamil meaning and more example for extreme will be given in tamil.
Condemning the incident and claiming that the bid to blow up the project would have resulted in a large number of tribal deaths they wondered whether the partys central committee had approved such an extreme step. The city region of the State Road Transport Corporation APSRTC has suggested exclusive bus lanes on the extreme left margin of main corridors to streamline road traffic and avoid accidents. Kannan 27 in an attempt to overtake another vehicle went to the extreme right hitting the lorry coming from the opposite direction. According to the police Shanmugam 59 of Elumathur and his wife Akilandeswari 52 took the extreme step as they were frustrated that their daughter was separated from her husband. Another opinion poll indicated that the ideas of JeanMarie le Pen the leader of the nationalist xenophobic extreme right National Front were gaining currency at the centre. The farmers have alleged that the district administration has not even drawn the list of beneficiaries under the fund and there is no other alternative left with betel growers but resort to the extreme step. Recognising the need for accountability of the judiciary at every level he said absence of any mechanism for enforcement of judicial accountability at the higher levels other than by process of impeachment in extreme cases was because no such need was visualised when the Constitution was framed. Subramanyeshwara Rao Assistant Superintendent of Police Puttur subdivision told The HolyIndia that the mines lorry veered to extreme right of the road while negotiating the hairpin bend.