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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
explain meaning in tamil is விளக்கு

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Visuals and pictorials have been used to explain the text in an easy manner and pictures used to present case studies in the form of comic strips that is expected to help initiate discussions on the given subject. Reddy said he was writing the letter to explain the good things in store for the State and the manner in which the Opposition parties were creating hurdles in the path of progress. Local leaders of the parties comprising the alliance will organise meetings at district and taluk levels and hold cycle rallies and street corner gatherings to explain to people the manner in which the ruling party had misused its powers. Stating that consumers should know the quality and benefit of buying these products he said those manning the stalls should make use of the opportunity to explain to the people the salient features of their products to improve their market. When some officials tried to explain the reasons for the delay the Joint Collector shot back I am not here to listen to your excuses. The Government should explain to people why it was unable to fill the reservoir to its full capacity he said. The Kerala High Court on Friday directed Higher Secondary Education Director to appear in person before it on January 13 to explain why its directive asking for details regarding vacant posts of higher secondary school teacher senior had not been complied with. Plastic surgeons should clearly explain the likely outcome of the proceduressurgeries to be performed on the patients he said.