debate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
debate meaning in tamil is விவாதம்

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No change should be introduced without a rigorous debate that centrally involves its primary constituents. The main debate emerged around Information Technology taking over governance or governance supporting IT initiatives. The present level of debate in Parliament is not up to the mark and political reasons are to be blamed for this. Centre for Womens Studies University of Mysore is organising debate and essay competitions for all under graduate students from January 18 to 21 at the centre premises. No other choice There was a debate on the issue for more than halfanhour. AT THE start of the New Year there has been a definite progression in the more than twoyearold debate that has engaged corporate India its investors the regulators and the company law administration. Though the cookies were dismantled this week and the NSA issued an apology on Wednesday the episode will add to pressure on the White House to engage in a national debate about its use of the agency and its interpretation of the constitutional limits on President George Bushs presidential powers. There likely will be a national debate about whether the President really has the kind of power hes been using Mr. Bushs judicial nominees move quickly through the Senate without the threat of a Democratic filibuster a technique used to stall debate on an issue. Last word Instead of Natwar Singh the focus of the ongoing public debate over the Volcker Report has to be on Manmohan Singh. The debate on conservation of Devaraja Market continues in the city with eminent archaeologist and former Director General of Archaeological Survey of India M.S. Nagaraja Rao saying that the market should be conserved for its heritage value.