zigzag meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
zigzag meaning in tamil is கோணல் மாணலான பாதை, வளைந்து வளைந்து செல்லும் வழி

zigzag meaning in tamil with example

zigzag tamil meaning and more example for zigzag will be given in tamil.
According to senior police officials connected with traffic management drunken driving over speeding lane indiscipline haphazard parking crossing roads in a zigzag manner and lack of training in driving are the major causes for road accidents. Dangerous driving such as over taking in the wrong direction zigzag driving going against the flow of traffic and speaking over mobile phones while driving also cause accidents the police say. The children can also enjoy their time at the giant wheel toratora zigzag mini car and 20 other rides. Reddy said impressed by his midair body floating zigzag lady cutting illusion and other tricks NRIs from New Zealand had invited him to present his show sometime in September. Organised at the exhibition grounds on a specially prepared track the daylong event featured driving contests in two categories slow balance and zigzag that was preceded by a test ride. Questionanswer session They learnt the different techniques of speedreading like the card method the hand method the hop method the sweep method and the zigzag or loop method. From agate rings to zigzag cut gemstone necklaces and from coral studded bangles to crystal chains the special gem and jewellery show organised by the Kairali show room of Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Limited in Kollam is one that caters to all. The wooden planks allow thick threads to flow in between them in zigzag pattern so as to make it a firm base for the sari to sit on.