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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
zest meaning in tamil is விருப்பம், ஆசை

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The duos presence in a domestic match will add zest to the two teams that started their respective Ranji campaigns on a lukewarm note before kicking up some sparks with comprehensive victories in their last matches. Elsewhere in Europe and America publishers are trapped by archaic unions in a quasimonopolistic market stripped of any zest to compete. Exponents of instruments Veena violin and mridangam competed with the vocalists in taking the ensembles zest for music to its crescendo. It was also an indication that the rocket scientist and the missile man of India combined science with spirituality as was evident in his inaugural speech which was replete with poetry and his zest for philosophy. He bowled with much zest and control particularly with a harder ball in the latter stages of the innings. Sreesanth operated with zest in the first ODI but needs to realise that the Pakistani batsmen will take full toll of deliveries even slightly on the legstump. Sreesanth appeared to have recovered well from a brief bout of fever and bowled with zest at the nets. LONGCHAMP PLATE 2200m rated 10 to 25 Gallardo Flitch Bette Noir 55.5 Srinath 1 Rare Talent 54.5 Appu 2 Epic 59 Gallagher 3 and Zest 55 cd. Even though the story of Holi is not rooted in some parts of India this festival of colours that has transcended all barriers was enjoyed and celebrated by all with equal zest and vitality. This is in sharp contrast to the great zeal and zest exhibited by the two left parties and the BJP which have just concluded their similar roadshows and jaunts across the villages in the district in the run up to the ensuing panchayat elections.