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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
zenith meaning in tamil is நடு உச்சி

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The festive spirit reached its zenith in the evening when the names of the winners in each competition were announced. The festive spirit reached its zenith in the evening when the names of the winners for each competition were announced. Speakers recalled the contributions of Nilambur Balan when the theatre movement was at its zenith in the Forties and Fifties in Kozhikode. Together with leading players both international and Indian 151 such as HP and Zenith 151 these companies have within one year brought down the price of a MediaCenter machine to between Rs. In the 72nd minute the substitute accepted a square pass from Zenith Mashangva and his low feeble effort was enough to seal the matchs fate. HPCompaq HCL Sahara Zenith and IBM PCs and laptops are also being offered by their dealers at existing prices. After the striker Odafe Onyeka Okolie who proved quite a handful for the HAL defence shot into custodian Gumpe Rime it was Zenith and Nandakumar who tested the Churchill citadel. Rajendra Prasad Zenith and Kenneth Onu had their chances but frittered them away with last minute glitches. Minutes later he slotted home the decisive goal and for the rest of the match HAL sat on its lead while Onu and Zenith continued to flounder near the Vasco goalmouth. Two Congress legislators Mukul Sangma and his brother Zenith Sangma could not attend because of the death of their mother. It was a path followed by other early PC providers in India 151 like Wipro PSI Zenith and DCM Data systems the last no longer in the business.