young meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
young meaning in tamil is இளமையான, வாலிப

young meaning in tamil with example

young tamil meaning and more example for young will be given in tamil.
You feel that you are transported back in time Taken to a picturesque village where young men work from dawn to dusk their feet caked with soil. A secure online voting system approved by the Election Commission can help more people exercise their franchise and take the voting percentage higher benefiting democratic institutions suggested young IT professional Ashish Anand. There is space for innovations and States have been encouraged to take input from adolescents and young people in implementing the strategy. 151 That Indian cricket finally breaks its obsession with the individual young boys in Zimbabwe find an avenue for their cricketing dreams and the riches earned from the Nike deal percolate down to lesser players Ranji teams and the public better stadium facilities. According to Malappuram Manassu a group of young men who organised the event the mela will add yet another golden episode to the famed soccer mania of the land. On the New Year day the players will interact and play tennis with their young fans on the Corporation grounds at Nungambakkam. As the loud speakers blared popular numbers from the latest Kannada movies such as Machchaala machchaala... the spirited young men danced to the tunes and hugged the fellow revellers and also the policemen on duty. Vizagites welcomed the New Year with gusto as the young and the old came together to celebrate the dawn of a new journey. Relatively young couples are also coming in now for infertility treatment because of many factors related to urban lifestyle Dr.