yoke meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
yoke meaning in tamil is நுகத்தடி

yoke meaning in tamil with example

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Govind Rao Nanal was a quintessential Congressman of yesteryears a satyagrahi who had sacrificed his youth to the freedom struggle for liberating Hyderabad State from the tyrannical yoke of Nizams rule. His symbol was two bullocks with yoke on. He later cofounded the Kerala Congress and contested the next election under the horse symbol. In the history of the freedom struggle Indian Communists had never supported the fight for freeing the country from the yoke of foreign imperial powers the KPCC president said. Joseph pointed out that most of the countries which had come out of the colonial yoke during the past half century had gone back to dictatorships after a brief period of experimenting with democracy. A democratic Pakistan free from the yoke of military dictatorship would cease to be the petri dish of the pandemic of international terrorism. He was enthused when all of them expressed gratitude for implementing such an innovative scheme which would free them from the yoke of walking long distances to fetch pitchers of drinking water which they carried on their heads. But the fact that practices such as dowry racism and honour killings still exist among them shows they have not thrown off the yoke of backwardness. All Muslim nations should wake up cast aside their differences and divisions and unite to throw off the yoke of all foreign influences and manoeuvrings to form a common front to face challenges and to achieve the aims of Islam which are peace justice and universal brotherhood of all he added.