yet meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
yet meaning in tamil is இன்னும், இதுவரை, இருப்பினும்

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To ... Gorshkov price to be finalised soon India will receive Russian nuclear submarine shortly says Navy Chief Congress yet to take final view on alliance with NCP Violation of privacy by news channel AIDWA NEW DELH. If you thought it was yet another show of a similar nature to be telecast in the idiot box shortly you are mistaken. In the case of a torture death in Thiruvananthapuram the police are yet to file the final report even after completion of the mandatory 90 days. Amidst all the confusion during the latter part of the year Sachin Tendulkar reached yet another huge milestone. Knowing their contribution is essential yet todays athletes cant even recognise champions from the past. In a message on Saturday he said the working of our Republic has been demonstrated yet again when free and fair elections to taluk and zilla panchayats in the State were successfully completed recently. Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil who enquired of the State Government about the attack was informed that there were no clues yet to the assailants. According to Malappuram Manassu a group of young men who organised the event the mela will add yet another golden episode to the famed soccer mania of the land. The water treatment plant whose construction was completed last year has not yet started functioning. It was yet another great night of ushering in the New Year with colourful celebrations warming up the cold night in the city on Saturday. Unfortunately such professionalism is not yet seen in our police force even when conducting preventive checks.