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When asked afterward if she had been yelling at Sharapov HeninHardenne insisted she did not know who had called out. After cruising to take the first set McEnroe lost his cool in the second pointing and yelling at umpire Norm Chryst after he ruled a Bjorkman volley was out. When foreigners first arrive in Bangalore they are greeted with chaos at the airport with its claustrophobic passageways yelling taxi drivers jostling passengers noise colour and confusion. In Denmark which did not qualify all newspapers featured the World Cup on their front pages while public radio throughout the day played sound bites from sports commentators yelling and shouting when Danish teams scored in past tournaments. Just before the start Brazils fans showed their support for the striker loudly yelling Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo. The chants continued throughout the match whenever the striker made a play. Hut ransacked We were sleeping when everybody barged in yelling at us Kurumaiahs wife Saraswathi said. They grabbed the microphone and began yelling if you want peace go to Vavuniya and Kilinochchi areas under the control of the Tamil Tigers. Drivers yelling at each other as vehicles graze one another and the traffic policemen at their wits end are common sights at Prakasam. In one such incident in May a group of young men yelling Glory to Russia stabbed an Armenian teenager to death on a crowded commuter train outside Moscow. Some in the crowd called for the ouster of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly yelling Kelly must go. The shooting took place after a stag party at a strip club in Queens a few hours before Sean Bell was due to marry.