yearning meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
yearning meaning in tamil is அதிக விருப்பம், மிக்க ஆவல்

yearning meaning in tamil with example

yearning tamil meaning and more example for yearning will be given in tamil.
Across the country there is a yearning for this to continue but the indications are to the contrary. Parents want to get the best returns on the money invested on their children.Is there any way out of this neverending yearning to emerge winners in this competitive world. The heartwarming show of compassion in Britain would appear to support the biophilia thesis of noted Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson 151 humans have an intrinsically deep yearning for a close relationship with all things natural. Still yearning for that fugitive love in our lives barring those exceptions perhaps who might really stumble upon true love on this much celebrated day said Sangeeta a postgraduate student. The investors in Kochi seem to have joined the bandwagon of those yearning to make optimum profit from the wealth at their disposal. There should be a practical approach on the part of the employees without yearning for the impossible. It is through the grace of the divine that this perennial and genuine yearning for selfrealisation gradually awakens the individual to the Supreme spirit that dwells within. Only those who are contemplative strong have the yearning to know Him and strive to meditate on Him in the right manner can attain Him. Addressing an awareness camp organised by the Regional Network against immoral trafficking of women here he lamented that women bordering Rayalaseema districts were turning into sex workers lured with pecuniary benefits and the yearning for a lavish living. But man being a spark of the Supreme has an innate yearning to behold Him and also to realise Him as human birth in the world is a state of bondage from which he has to find release.