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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
yardstick meaning in tamil is அளவுத் திட்டம் உ-ம் 1:50 000 தரம்

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Further he said that the Government was going ahead with Polavaram project without getting clearance from the Centre and asked the Chief Minister to adopt same yardstick in case of Inchampalli and Jhanjhavati. Yardstick faulty Chidanand Ittangi a resident charged that the yardstick adopted to identify the encroachment is faulty. A general U.S. retreat from the region with troop withdrawal at its core is no doubt a prerequisite for and yardstick of the emergence of a healthy selfreliant new Middle Eastern order. He asked the Government what yardstick it was adopting while taking a decision on either reviving a company or winding it up. He also advises people not to be judgmental because it means using ones own yardstick and not being objective. Scholars point out that there were similar attempts to estimate the height of the Gomateshwara when the measuring yardstick was not perfect and the figures varied widely. The Pattali Makkal Katchi on Monday asked the State Government why it did not apply the yardstick of public welfare with regard to private selffinancing colleges and deemed universities. If the DMK wanted a bigger share of seats in Tamil Nadu as it was the dominant ally the same yardstick should be adopted in Pondicherry where the Congress was the ruling party. Andhra Pradesh Hindi Academy Chairman Yarlagadda Laksmi Prasad has demanded that the same yardstick which was applied to recognise Tamil as classical language be applied to Telugu. It is therefore suggested that a rational and realistic approach be there to lift such bans and the same yardstick not be used to ban bursting of crackers and rhythmic beating of percussion instruments.