yard meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
yard meaning in tamil is நீட்டளவு, 36 அங்குலம் அல்லது 3 அடி கொண்ட நீளம் முற்றம்

yard meaning in tamil with example

yard tamil meaning and more example for yard will be given in tamil.
Bomb disposal and dog squads were called in the passengers from the train were evacuated and the train taken to the yard for checking. Congress party workers and the residents of Kitchipalayam observed a token fast here on Monday urging the Salem Corporation to stop disposing garbage at the dump yard in their area. The Corporation was dumping a major portion of citys waste at the Kitchipalayam dump yard and sending a few loads to other dumps in Sooramangalam and Veeranam. The Clemenceau once the flagship of the French Navy set off for India on December 31 2005 on its way to the knackers yard at Alang in Gujarat where it is to be dismantled. The old Regulated Marketing Committee RMC yard on Sayyaji Rao Road is flooded with several tonnes of tomatoes brought from several parts of Mysore and adjoining Mandya district. 3 a kg on Monday the large quantity of tomatoes which is being unloaded at the market yard every day is causing concern among farmers. Huge loads The old RMC yard market used to receive about four to five trucks every day with each truck carrying between five to seven tonnes of tomatoes. The activists held aloft posters and pictures of the poor working conditions at the shipbreaking yard at Alang in Gujarat where the decommissioned ship was headed. The goods train Super Jumbo with empty rakes was coming from Chennai for loading of subabul plants at Ongole railway yard when the accident occurred. The stock kept at the agricultural market yard for distribution seems to be eagerly waiting for takers.