wick meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wick meaning in tamil is விளக்கு) திரி

wick meaning in tamil with example

wick tamil meaning and more example for wick will be given in tamil.
Haynes said principles from eastern philosophy such as using solar energy and wick lamps needs to be combined with more recent Western and innovative practices to build a sustainable community. In another incident an ignited string of gunpowdercoated wick used with crackers was hurled inside polling booths 56 and 57 of the Taliparamba constituency at Vadakkncheri at 2 a.m. A CPIM worker identified as Vijesh was arrested in connection with the incident. Kalaimani Regional Manager panchaloka icons Nachiyarkoil wick lamps sandalwood articles woodcarvings from Uttaranchal paper articles precious stones Hyderabad necklaces Moradabad art work and saris are on display at the exhibition. Rain gauge and automatic rain gauge to ascertain the intensity of rainfall information on the rivers of the State different types of soil and tips on wick irrigation are also available at the CWRDM stall. The articles on display include handloom Madurai Chunkudi cotton and silk sarees wick lamps panchaloka idols Thanjavur art plates Thanjavur paintings Moradabad idols Rajasthan stone paintings American diamond jewellery etc. A heavy metal cycle light that uses a lighted wick and a wooden urn made from the root of a jackfruit tree are the other attractions. I realised the importance of Poompuhar only after I became Rural Industries Minister. Icons of Swami Malai and wick lamps of Nachiyarkoil are seen in various countries like America England and Japan he said. The Poompuhar showroom famous for brass and bronze lamps is also offering the thoondaa vilakku in which the wick need not be kindled from time to time.