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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
whaling meaning in tamil is திமிங்கில வேட்டையாடுதல்

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At its meeting at Ulsan in South Korea last year the 66member IWC strongly urged Japan through a resolution to withdraw its proposal for JARPA II its augmented Antarctic whaling programme and suggested nonlethal research. The efforts of the IWC to regulate whaling rely on the readiness of member states to heed its collective wisdom and adhere to decisions taken by vote. he favoured continuation of the national policy against whaling despite pressure from Japan while some may have a problem with India actively favouring conservation he wrote the whales have even a greater problem. It is an inspiring message relevant to all of Indias threatened biodiversity. The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986 but approved limited hunts for research purposes a year later. Of course it is reads a public relations pamphlet titled Delicious Whales distributed by the governmentaffiliated Japan Whaling Association. Credit must go to such opinion for the transformationinprogress of the IWC from an agency for the regulation of whaling so that the industry could develop in an orderly way to a body that has whale conservation and science on its mind. Tokyo Japan will be confronted with evidence of the cruelty environmentalists say is inflicted during its scientific whale hunts after its attempt to seize control of the International Whaling Committee suffered yet another setback at the weekend. A Japanese crewmember who has been missing since Japans main whaling ship caught fire off Antarctica has been found dead Kyodo News agency reported on Saturday.