vision meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vision meaning in tamil is நோக்கம், தோற்றம்

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Sri Devi Vision SDV has been providing this to its viewers for the last two years and continues to do so in spite of many satellite channels converting into pay channels. Even to look and comprehend thereby the allencompassing cosmic vision one needs to develop ones full capacity of comprehension. The Lord bestows this power on Arjuna to enable him to perceive and grasp the grandeur and magnitude of this vision when He revealed His transcendental form. Lord Krishnas soulabhya accessibility is manifest when he endows Arjuna with the divine eyes to behold the grand vision of His cosmic form. Advani the ideologue who shaped the partys vision and laid the ground for its electoral success is in semiwilderness following his publicly fought battles with the Sangh. In the R.C.T.C. Trophy jockey B.V. Krishnan Special Force was fined Rs.1000 for shifting in soon after the start crowding the runners on his inside resulting in interference to Bulls Vision Aadesh Kumar and Red Key Point Appu. A new range of night vision products from illuminated keyboards to night vision web cameras is doing brisk sales in both the established and the grey markets. Pamuks endeavour to present in his books a broad historical vision of his society using forms and techniques of the postmodernist novel derived from the West. The security personnel at the Vidhana Soudha do not have xray machines mail bomb parcel scanners and night vision devices which are essential for ensuring foolproof security the sources said.