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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
visibility meaning in tamil is பார்க்கக்கூடிய நிலை, பார்வை

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Fog reduced visibility considerably in Adampur 200 metres Halwara 800 m Ambala 800 m Sirsawa 100 m Sirsa 800 m Suratgarh 500 and in Delhi 300 m the meteorological office said. The garbage is burnt regularly creating a thick wall of smoke that reduces visibility photo especially near the Chakravarthi Colony. Road traffic was also affected at many places in Punjab and Haryana due to poor visibility and many motorists could be seen plying their vehicles with headlights on during day time. The plan to train the controllers comes hot on the heels of installation of the much talked about CAT III B landing system meant to help aircraft to land in low visibility conditions. The police personnel used a light meter to check the visibility through the front and rear windscreens and side windows. The law prescribes that the front and rear windscreens should have at least 75 per cent visibility and the side windows 50 per cent or more visibility. Certain areas in the plains experienced foggy weather in the morning leading to poor visibility at Pathankot Adampur Ambala Sarsawa Hindon BhatindaChandigarh and Palam in Delhi. Despite some fog in the morning flights operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport here remained normal as the runway visibility range remained around 1200 metres. Heavy toxic smoke from the waste would also curtail the visibility thus leading to many traffic accidents. The desire to enhance trust through selfregulation is often very strong in countries with a difficult or complex political situation or inheritance. He also underscored the need for visibility and independence of the news ombudsman.