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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
visa meaning in tamil is விசா, விசைவு, நாட்டு நுழைவு அனுமதி

visa meaning in tamil with example

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Efforts are under way to sort out the issues raised by the people of the complex particularly related to visa seekers thronging the place. The police should keep track of foreigners especially those from Pakistan and Bangladesh and deport them back to their country after the term of their visa expires. Visa renewal Their plight has been made worse by the fact that every time they renew their visa they have to pay 500 and then there are additional costs for applying for a job. She told us that hed promised to give her an extension to a visa and that they had slept together at her flat in Brighton. Mr. Driven by penury Habibur Rehman went to Alghasim in 1989 and helped his brother get a visa to Saudi Arabia in 1993. Bansal reached Bahrain on a visa sponsored by Saleem on October 11 when he was taken captive by the accused and his two accomplices. The move would help to open up markets for our flowers and vegetables. The Indian embassy he said had taken up with Poland at the highest level the need for relaxation in the visa regime for Indians. Such revelations coming at a time when both the countries are considering liberalised visa regimes and opening more bus and rail routes are disturbing. Coaching programme The Rajeshwari Defence Academy is conducting a weeklong educationalcareer development course including coaching for NDACDSSSBIELTSTOEFLGREGMAT and visa guidance from 9 a.m. on Monday at Neredmet Crossroads. In the future passengers would have to go to Delhi to get a visa from the Pakistan High Commission to avail the facility.