virtue meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
virtue meaning in tamil is ஒழுக்கம், பண்பு

virtue meaning in tamil with example

virtue tamil meaning and more example for virtue will be given in tamil.
An expensive Second World War thrust on India by virtue of the country being the colony of the British. 68 Field Regiment clinched honours in the 54 Infantry Division interunit boxing championship held here on Monday by virtue of winning more gold after tying with 8 Assam Regiment with 22 points each. The stations suggested for merger with the City Police included Vadavalli Perur and Thudialur since these fastgrowing suburbs by virtue of their unwieldy jurisdiction found it difficult to combat the growing crime rate. If every student emulates at least one virtue practiced by the great man and live up to it then it would be the best service that anyone could offer society and the country he added. By virtue of being bordered with Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh all vehicles had to pass through Hosur town leading to frequent traffic jams. The 120yearold Surabhi drama withstood the onslaught of films and television by the virtue of enhancement of visual appeal. Advani agreed that he was Prime Ministerinwaiting by virtue of his position as Leader of the Opposition. By virtue of having access to Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam reservoirs Coastal Andhra and parts of Telengana cultivated three crops in a year. EXCLUSIVE VIRTUE PLATE 1100m Maiden 3yo only Terms Aerona Mull Of KintyreBerhala 53.5 cd. By virtue of garnering over Rs. 2.1 lakh crore annually the mutual fund sector had become a very big player in the financial market he said adding that complex capital market practices had enhanced the importance of advisers.