vineyard meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vineyard meaning in tamil is திராட்சைத் தோட்டம்

vineyard meaning in tamil with example

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Integrated system Every vineyard in Veppanapalli has an integrated system of cultivation of betel and agathi spinach which gives a regular income throughout the year. One fine day after making a sevenfigure profit in market by dubious means Max learns that his beloved uncle Henry who he has not spoken to in many years is dead and he is the owner of his uncles vineyard and mansion in Province. An uncle bequeaths his villa and vineyard to his only blood relative Max an ambitious London banker trading in bonds. A substantial portion of it was being sent to Europe including U.K. At a simple function held at a vineyard at Tikota MLA M.B. Patil and MLC G.K. Patil formally commenced the harvest of export quality grapes.