vilification meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vilification meaning in tamil is அவதூறு,தூற்றுதல்

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Ramamurthi ignoring these facts had launched a vilification campaign obviously targeting TNPCC president G.K.Vasan. Allegations baseless Dismissing the allegations against him as baseless and part of a vilification campaign he said it seemed to be an attempt to sidetrack the ongoing probe. Rajasekharan had made the remarks in his speech at a convention to condemn character assassination and vilification campaigns held on February 4. But today fearful of the hostility in Europe and bombarded with images from Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib many experienced the gratuitous vilification of their prophet by the Danish cartoonists as the last straw. It should apply its mind to issues instead of being carried away by the vilification campaign of a few political parties. Reacting to the bypoll results Dr Reddy said the Congress had won resoundingly in spite of the numerous gimmicks played by the Telugu Desam party which undertook a relentless vilification campaign against the ruling party and raked up emotions over the Gangavaram Port. Sambasiva Rao refuted charges of CPI Maoist outfits that policemen poisoned to death nine naxalites at Pulusukunta in Tsundupalle mandal on Friday last and termed it as a deliberate vilification campaign against the police. Vilification The PCC president asserted that the Congress had proved the TDPs vilification campaign wrong by making free power supply to farmers a reality. V.S. Ugrappa MLC and Congress spokesperson on Thursday charged that Janata Dal S and Bharatiya Janata Party leaders were conducting a vilification campaign against A.