viewers meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
viewers meaning in tamil is காண்பவர்கள்

viewers meaning in tamil with example

viewers tamil meaning and more example for viewers will be given in tamil.
Sri Devi Vision SDV has been providing this to its viewers for the last two years and continues to do so in spite of many satellite channels converting into pay channels. The operator instead of heeding the advice withdrew the connections thinking that the viewers have no other choice but to give in to his demands. The site which was a forum for vibrant views on ushering a democratic republic in Nepal apologised to its viewers for the inconvenience caused. What I believe does undermine trust among readers listeners or viewers is not the admission of error 151 even when the error is of an extremely serious nature 151 but the discovery or revelation or forced admission of a significant error that has gone uncorrected. When the Bench wanted to know whether any solution could be worked out keeping in mind the interest of millions of viewers in India Mr. Chennai viewers without set top boxes are the worst hit because of the Conditional Access System that is in force in the city. Doordarshan represents the common man and provides viewers the delight of watching cricket matches at a reasonable rate. Durga a housewife from Mallikarjunpet chose to captivate viewers and judges by reminding them of Telugu tradition. The noise is unwelcome and distracting and deprives the other viewers of the pleasure of watching the film. The theatre owners can with the help of police weed out such elements to ensure other viewers are not affected. Sunjus show The viewers sit engrossed as Sanjay Dutt as a man undergoing 14 years of solitary confinement comes up with one of his better performances in recent times.