vicious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vicious meaning in tamil is கொடூரமான, ஊழலான, குற்றமுள்ள

vicious meaning in tamil with example

vicious tamil meaning and more example for vicious will be given in tamil.
A Jnani is one who realises that the eternal I lives forever while all others have to go through the vicious cycle of birth and death until they realise the purpose of life. He alleged that a vicious campaign is on against Muslims by linking madrasas and other religious institutions with terrorist organisations Mr. Will this Government or anyone ensure that her three orphaned children are not thrown into this vicious circle he asks. Vicious spiral Immorality in the electoral process was creating a vicious spiral in which people and politicians were equally responsible M. About 30 progressive farmers who raised sweetlime orchards by sinking borewells up to 500 feet depth have all trapped in the vicious circle of debt. Expats consequently get into the clutches of loan sharks and many are unable to get out of the vicious circle of loans and debts. An official at the Collectorate told The HolyIndia on Tuesday that authorities in the Madurai Corporation had undertaken rescue and rehabilitation measures to rid the urban area of the vicious system of stifling child rights. As people took their seats trying to keep their limbs out of the way of the vicious mosquitos that swarmed the air Prakash Raj was prancing to Yaradi Nee Mohini. He pointed out that lack of cheaper institutional credit and livelihood for agriculture labour was resulting in farmers getting caught in the vicious circle of some microfinance organisations and far more serious social repercussions such as some women being forced into prostitution to survive.