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TRAI has undertaken a suo motu exercise to see that whether the concept of lifetime validity being offered by mobile operators on prepaid cards with onetime entry fee is viable or not. Swatantra Party model Many political commentators have recently suggested that the only choice left before the BJP is to transform itself into a viable conservative party. Only viable method Though the body had been canvassing for ABC since its inception it took 35 years to stop the inhuman practice of killing dogs. Possibilities of merger of AITUC and CITU were discussed at CITU mahasabha at Kochi and decided that a confederation of trade unions would be more viable to work together on common problems CITU State president C.H. Narasinga Rao who presided said. In order to minimise the cost and make it a viable proposal the Government thought it fit to redesign the channel avoiding lifting of effluents and to take the treated effluents to the sea by gravitation system. He said it might be the only economically viable way to provide legal representation for clients with relatively small claims. The Local Fund Audit team has also suggested that as a viable alternative the project could be relocated to any coastal suburb under the GCDA. Since we have a real constraint in road development thanks to the habitation pattern a viable option is to supplement it with good modern rail network. The Railways alone can be a viable alternative to the road transport system for the movement of people Kerala being a thickly populated State.