version meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
version meaning in tamil is காட்சி

version meaning in tamil with example

version tamil meaning and more example for version will be given in tamil.
The report which questioned the veracity of the JSTFs version of encounter deaths found that in 60 cases it had shot at the victims from close range. By end of this March we will have 10lakh phones. The Stateowned telecom company is also concentrating on its broadband services where it soon plans to launch Triband improved version of broadband services under which voice data and video can be offered. Cefprozil is the generic version of BristolMyers Squibbs broadspectrum cephalosporin antibiotic Cefzil. With the neighbouring Southeast Asian forum the ASEAN already having an FTA in operation it was high time a South Asian version got off to a start. There are those who articulate Hindutva purely in terms of a certain cultural primacy of what they perceive to be a timeless unbroken tradition of Hindu culture and civilisation while others propose a more aggressive and threatening version of this ideology. WiMax 151 the faster longer range version of WiFi the technology to wirelessly access the Net 151 might just turn out to be something that will allow India to to harness broadband for its objectives. The report pointed out that the police had not produced any witnesses to corroborate their version of the arrests. The Balochis tolerant and progressive version of Islam like Gandhis ecumenical Hinduism provides an alternative to the obscurantism and violence of the likes of Taliban and AlQaeda. But in the version before the DCDRF they had sought a direction to effect drainage connection to the resident.