verification meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
verification meaning in tamil is அதிகார மளித்தல்

verification meaning in tamil with example

verification tamil meaning and more example for verification will be given in tamil.
The department plans to undertake an extensive exploration in the area soon for further verification and authentication of the evidences unearthed so far. Officials said the government should chalk out an immediate action plan for quick verification of relief petitions and for speedy disbursal of funds. Another device is the Question Document Examiner which will be used for verification in case of suspected counterfeit passports. The FIR has been registered based on the preliminary verification done by the Directorate of Vigilance and AntiCorruption police. Mr. The selection comprises three verification stages 151 physical fitness personal details and professional skill. Professional skill verification comprises five tests 151 driving the bus on a gradient driving on an 8 shape track reverse driving on an S shape track reverse parking and identification of traffic symbols. The draft rolls would be kept for public verification in respective offices of the electoral officers post offices and polling stations from January 23 the Collector K. The teller is on leave and the computer printer is in his cabin. When the customer again went to the bank on Monday to withdraw some cash there was a call for verification of signature from an officer inside. In the U.S. the SarbanesOxley legislation that stipulates higher standards of care and verification on the part of the directors and senior management to check governance misdemeanour has set a new benchmark for all countries. Apart from training of different kinds the NCW has also recommended that concrete measures like verification of the drivers and security guards.