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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ventilation meaning in tamil is காற்றோட்டம்

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Fossetts takeoff and the planes ventilation system malfunctioned midway through the trip causing temperatures in the twometre cockpit to rise to as much as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In a release consultant neonatologist Varma Vegesna said that they had installed Jet ventilation to take care of prematurelow birth weight babies with a breath rate of 300 per minute. Among other suggestions made to the Surbana team for incorporation in the final design include arrangements for cross ventilation and use of solar energy besides latest green building standards. Ramesh Kumar and Roy Alexander the workshop was aimed at integrating protocols into the daily practice of paediatricians and to suggest certain realistic solutions to various commonly faced problems in neonatal practice especially at a medical unit sans ventilation facility. Tony Mampilly and Dr. K.K.Diwakar led the workshop on mechanical ventilation and surfactant therapy. However despite being stable at this point of time the chances of deterioration leading to requirement of ventilation and further aggressive treatment could not be ruled out. This includes the Spirometry test for knowing the capacity of the lungs lung volume test diffusion lung capacity test for knowing the residual capacity of the lungs maximum voluntary ventilation test and Inspiratory and expiratory test to know the working of the respiratory muscles. Part of the reason is the design of the buildings themselves mostly concrete steel and glass with little provision for natural ventilation or light.