vengeance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vengeance meaning in tamil is வஞ்சம்

vengeance meaning in tamil with example

vengeance tamil meaning and more example for vengeance will be given in tamil.
Pamuk said the elite to which his family belonged embraced Kemalism with a vengeance if only to overcome the trauma of the collapse of the Ottoman empire which had stretched over large swathes of the planet for several centuries. Although Abu Huzaifas elimination is a significant triumph for the investigators who spent weeks tracking him in down 151 and will probably be greeted by the families of those killed in the serial bombings as longawaited vengeance 151 it is unlikely to erode the Lashkars capabilities. With telephone numbers to be dialled in case one noticed children being employed publicised in the media one person decided that this was the best way to seek vengeance on his neighbour. Hitting back Stung by the reversal Bryan brothers hit back with vengeance in the second set as they crashed through the service of Paes in the eighth game. He said police brutality was an act of vengeance over the delay caused by court cases in allotting the land to the commercial establishment. Three Singapore Naval ships RSS Victory RSS Vengeance and RSS Dauntless arrived in Visakhapatnam on Monday to a warm welcome by the Eastern Naval Command headquarters here. Union Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar recently announced that people should start consuming chicken and eggs with a vengeance and help clear the backlog he said. In his order the Judge said that the petitioners have not murdered Sankararaman out of personal vengeance but have committed murder for money. In his order the judge said the petitioners had not murdered Sankararaman out of personal vengeance but for money.