venerable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
venerable meaning in tamil is மரியாதைக்குரிய

venerable meaning in tamil with example

venerable tamil meaning and more example for venerable will be given in tamil.
Some like the venerable Australian coach Richard Aggiss stressed that a way had to be found to eliminate this practice. The makeover of the venerable Rajaji Hall at Government Estate here is well along with work now in the second phase. Among the venerable public sector edifices I rate the India Post the most efficient and customerfriendly. Major Archbishop of SyroMalabar Church Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil will proclaim Venerable Euphrasia CMC beatified at a ceremony at St. Cooperation Though this appeared to be a much too commercial stance for a venerable newspaper Mr. Thousands of people cutting across religious barriers on Saturday paid their respects wellknown educationist and Sajjada Nasheen of the venerable Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah Syed Shaha Muhammad Hussaini who died at the age of 84 at a private hospital in Hyderabad after a prolonged illness on Friday. In the Mahabharata great preceptors such as Bhishma Drona and Kripa had failed to oppose the unrighteous conduct of Duryodhana and when Arjuna hesitated to fight the same venerable elders Lord Krishna advised him to get ahead with the war since the wheel of dharma had to run.