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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
velocity meaning in tamil is வேகம்

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High velocity icy winds swept Shimla and other high and midhills causing further fall in the day temperature. The Telugu Desams argument was that since AMR project was the model the Kalwakurthy scheme should have 9 m diametre tunnel for delivering 5000 cusecs at a velocity of 2.4 metre per second. But since airbreathing systems could operate only during the atmospheric phase of flight they had to be adopted along with conventional chemical rockets to meet the final orbital velocity requirements. I Amazing Velocity AjaadDancing Dissident 57 Ross 1 Future Fame 60 Prem 2 Romantic Count 56.5 C. Amazing Velocity CHENNA. Frantic and Amazing Velocity may fight out the finish of the Class I Bangalore Turf Club Trophy 1200m the feature event of the races to be held here on Wednesday. The rifles effective range muzzle velocity and cycle rate of fire are more than the SLR and the AK47. NEDCAP manager said the wind velocity survey established that mean velocity in Kolimigundla area was between 26 and 40 kmph as against the commercially viable velocity of 20 kmph. Viable areas Also the velocity was recorded for over 100 days in a year while 80 days was minimum period required for commercial exploitation. Helicopters had earlier spotted survivors in lifeboats resulting in a rescue operation despite high velocity winds and choppy waters. Twenty persons sustained injuries six of them seriously when the tent at an Indiramma meeting collapsed due to high velocity wind at Aluru in Kurnool district on Tuesday.