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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vehicles meaning in tamil is வாகனங்கள்

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Forest dept equipped Department of Forests was equipped with modern gadgets and vehicles to intensify surveillance in the forests. Regional Transport Officer Narasimha Reddy said use of domestic LPG cylinders in vehicles was dangerous. After sand filling and retaining wall construction initially only light vehicle traffic would be allowed over the bridge and after the surface sets in and is black topped heavier vehicles would be allowed the sources said. Elangovan said a mobile van would be used to cover 18 villages in Sivaganga Pudukottai and Ramanathapuram while two more such vehicles for other districts were getting ready. Prasad said future vehicles would facilitate communications to the driver and automatically to the emergency service provider. He said India had great potential to produce intelligent equipment that could be installed in vehicles along with sensors to detect changes and communicate them to the drivers. The security vehicle that was following also swerved suddenly and hit the compound wall of the Avadi Heavy Vehicles Factory. Thanikachalam will deal with admission of writ petitions pertaining to education Motor Vehicles Act etc. and take up few petitions pending since last year for final hearing Justice S. As in the past this year too the emphasis will be on educating school children their parents and school authorities about the precautions to be taken with regard to vehicles ferrying students to and from school. . B.S. Ganesh Bangalore Parking space Sir 151 If one walks on the road one can see several vehicles parked on pavements because several houses do not have parking space.