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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vegetables meaning in tamil is காய்கறிகள்

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The study shows that the difference between prices in Rythu Bazars and local markets ranges from 10 per cent to 19 per cent for all vegetables in the study. The basic problems faced by farmers are lack of storage structures bargaining and sorting of vegetables by consumers occupation of walking paths by small vendors causing inconvenience fixing of arbitrary prices and existence of middlemen. The consumers expressed disapproval over many things like inconvenient entrance high prices on Sundays and festivals availability of fewer varieties lack of quality vegetables during evening hours and not much difference between Rythu Bazar prices and local market rates. According to the complainant she was on her way back home after buying vegetables from the local market when her distant relative Vikram aka Sonu offered her a lift in his Maruti car. Maintain a farm where fresh vegetables and fruits will be grown raise dairy and poultry of my own to avoid adulterated food. The private bus stand in Mysore is located opposite old RMC yard where tomatoes and other vegetables are sold to traders. The person employed by Mahyco was reported to be selling off the untested vegetables from this plot in the Guntur market and contaminating the supply chain. Children helping out their parents selling vegetables at the tsunamiresettlement camp in Ernavoor in north Chennai. Some managers say the price increase came about because vegetables became costlier since the end of October and have not come down yet.