upper meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
upper meaning in tamil is மேலாக அமைந்துள்ள, மேலான, உயர்வான, அதிகாரம் பெறு

upper meaning in tamil with example

upper tamil meaning and more example for upper will be given in tamil.
Pakistan Railways Minister Mian Shamim Haider told the upper house of Parliament on Saturday that preparations were in full swing to make the second rail link between Pakistan and India operational. By selecting an upper caste man from Uttar Pradesh to head the organisation the BJP will be looking for the return of the Brahmin vote though Thakurs and Brahmins do not necessarily go together. The men wear waist coat and dhoti and women wear pinon to cover the lower portion of the body and hadhi to cover the upper portion of the body for the dance Nirel said. Since the Necklace road and Upper Tank Bund were closed revellers had to confine themselves to other main roads to exhibit their racing skills. The State Governments Water Resources Development Organisation has conducted a few studies one of which is on sediment gauging in the upper reaches of the Bhadra catchment area in 1983. The last hurdle for the Upper Tunga Project designed to provide irrigation to nearly two lakh hectares in the districts of Shimoga Davangere and Haveri has been cleared with the Union Ministry for Environment and Forests approving the construction of the main canal. Although the Upper Tunga Project is in Shimoga the major beneficiary will be Haveri district with the projected irrigation potential of 181355 acres out of the total 198900 acres planned. Following local custom he emerged from the back blocks and made his way through the ranks and into the upper echelons. Jeevan Job Thomas Vengola Kerala It is imperative to recognise the rights of Muslims and for upper class Muslims to empower the less privileged among them.