updated meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
updated meaning in tamil is தோடர்வெளியீடு

updated meaning in tamil with example

updated tamil meaning and more example for updated will be given in tamil.
Pakistan Saudi Arabia Jordan and Oman are also being updated with the plan with American officials saying a military operation is a possible option without giving a timetable Ynetnews stated citing the report. We are adding computer facilities for students and providing access to specific websites that provide them updated information on judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts. A couple of leading publishers have come out with updated editions of term books for students of matriculation schools. These books to be launched soon have been updated with inputs from teachers heads and leading educationists. For the benefit of everyone a website www.fourthbanksolympiad.com has been launched and the results will be updated every hour. The Mayor assured the council that steps would be taken to ensure that the financial records are updated and presented for audit. All the notifications circulars and public notices and other relevant informations were updated automatically. She called upon girl students to widen their mental horizon by keeping themselves updated about developments and at the same time make efforts to explore new avenues. Lakshman said the syllabi of Criminology and Forensic Sciences courses can be made more relevant if they are updated in consultation with the department. Now new laws environmental have come into existence and we have to keep ourselves updated on these aspects too she said. Ruutel urged authorities and volunteers to continue their fight against environmental catastrophes through updated equipment and increased training Environment Ministry spokesman Harli Uljas said.