unable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unable meaning in tamil is இயலாத, முடியாத

unable meaning in tamil with example

unable tamil meaning and more example for unable will be given in tamil.
In the first two quarters exporters struggled to confirm orders despite a good number of business enquiries they were unable to meet the prices offered by the buyers. Although I had a good start I have been unable to keep the level up mainly due to a shoulder injury I had in early May. Her father died at the young age of 35 unable to bear the stress and her mother died of tuberculosis after five years. Only when he is unable to execute what he wishes would a person realise that a greater power is guiding him from within. A Special Investigation Team SIT of the Crime Branch Crime Investigation Department has so far been unable to obtain any clues about the blast. Kalachakra Due to the delay in the release of funds for Kalachakra officials and contractors were unable to execute the works on time he alleged. When the case was heard last December the investigation team said it was unable to trace the woman despite sincere efforts and requested the court to close the petition and transfer the enquiry to the local Deputy Superintendent of Police. The School of Folk and Tribal Lore a wing of Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu University is unable to continue doing what it was created for identifying and documenting multifaceted folklore. He has alleged that at present canals are so badly damaged that the project is unable to provide water to villages located even in the fourkm radius of the project. The Government should explain to people why it was unable to fill the reservoir to its full capacity he said.