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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
umpire meaning in tamil is நடுவர்

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Kumar says that one of the most disputed and debated areas in international cricket has been the decisions taken by third umpire on runouts. The stateoftheart camera and instant replays were not fully able to deliver disputefree runout decisions despite the third umpire reviewing over and over if the batsman was in or out. They have wound the toe of the bat with black tape which will enable the third umpire to see clearly in slow motion if the bat has crossed the crease in time or not. The black toe of the bat contrasts with white crease and gives the umpire the perfect position of bat they claim. The deliveries were shoulder high and it was a marginal decision by the umpire to declare the third delivery legitimate. Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar had ruled that Proteas opener Boeta Dippenaar was not out but television replays showed him in midair when a throw from Andrew Symonds broke the stumps. Players arent allowed to request that decisions be referred to the third umpire where an official can use the replays to help make a decision. I think at the end of the day the umpire still needs to be approachable and you still have got to be able to talk to him he said. He could have added one more wicket to his three scalps had umpire Simon Toufel not negated an appeal when the ball went off Mohammad Asifs bat and then boot before being held in the closein cordon. The umpire refused to overrule when Haas questioned whether the ball was in saying I dont know. Television replays appeared to back the linesman.