umbrage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
umbrage meaning in tamil is மோதுதல், உத்வேகம்

umbrage meaning in tamil with example

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The Central Executive Committee of AIDWA in a resolution passed here took umbrage at the observation by Mr. Furthermore when Ponting takes furious umbrage over some gentle teasing by Phil Tufnell it suggests anyway that sledging is fine only when it goes one way. N.L. Narendra Babu MLA has taken umbrage at the increasingly lackadaisical and dismissive attitude that the bureaucrats are adopting while dealing with legislators. The Communist Party of India Marxist has taken umbrage at the comments of Rajasthan Social Welfare Minister Madan Dilawar on the visit of a team of Members of Parliament from the party to Kota this weekend to enquire into the attack on Christian institutions there. In turn the Shia masses have taken umbrage at the suggestion of the President and Kurd leader Jalal Talabani that they reconsider their choice. Some youths belonging to the girls community took umbrage to the action of the youth from the other community. It takes umbrage when that is refused rejects Sri Lankan Navy transport wants to travel in its own boats agrees to go by a civilian vessel with an international ceasefire monitor on board and then pulls out of the talks on account of a Navy escort to this vessel. PCC president B.D.Kalla taking umbrage at the festivities in the testing times of Mumbai blasts said on Thursday that there was no reason to feel excited about her return as the trip did not achieve much. I should have realised that astrologys ardent advocates and adherents would take umbrage at my comments in what I wrote about The HolyIndias coverage of the Sabarimala developments When hard news is a casualty 151 Online and Off Line July 24 2006.